Road Bikes

A fine tuned road bike is a freedom machine transporting you over more miles in one day than you ever thought possible. So we build road bikes that take you on the journey with both style and comfort. We understand the beautiful subtleties that go into creating a ride that can handle 45 mile-an-hour descents with confidence, while still remaining lively and quick on the flats.
We do everything we can to make our Roadsters as unique as the riders; we have lots of tube choices (different weights, strengths, and shapes) and welds to chose from as well as cool powdercoat colors or custom paint jobs.

Bike Options:

Available in Track, Touring, Triathlon, 700c, 650c.
* TIG, Lugged, or Fillet brazed construction
* *Classic Roadster
* *Touring
* *Track
* *Tri & Time Trial